How you speak to your child changes their brain

Parents talking to their children actually make them grow and Research states that a child’s brain grows based on how parents talk to them. Rather than engaging them with complex words, it is better to converse with them about whatever topic they like. They may understand they like horses, but not understand why you need to pay the electric bill today. Just holding a conversation with them increases their language skills. It’s very important to talk WITH your child rather than just talking TO your child. It is not about just throwing language into their brain, but to converse with them and open their minds up.

In a contemporary world, there are hundreds of educational apps available on mobile devices, but learning this way will not help them learn social interactions and human relationships. They make learn how to say certain words or read, but it will not teach them how important social interactions and connections are. Research says that children from wealthy families have better language skills, but children with less wealthy families have better communication skills because of conversations with their loved ones rather than mobile devices. Typically, kids with wealthy parents have busy parents who do not socialize with them as much, whereas children with middle-class families may value family time more. Babies try to watch and copy the acts of adults. Therefore, singing and cuddling are much more effective than teaching those complex words.

Research states holding a conversation with children will allow them to understand things better and think about how to respond appropriately. Unless you are engaging with your children in what they are interested in, you are not helping them with their language skills.