Is reading more enjoyable on a Kindle or Paperback

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Going from the orthodox way of reading books to the contemporary way, both will have their own pros and cons. When it comes to technology vs. paper, there are major differences between each other. We have mixed results and expectations, but that’s what reviews are for, right?

Where Kindle owns the battle

  1. Kindle makes it convenient to carry, while still being compact. This makes it very convenient for use during travel.
  2. Kindle can hold a library of books without any extra weight. Many people, being avid readers, opt to carry Kindles over paperbacks because they can read three or four different books, while only carrying one item. If you tried to carry around multiple books, it would get very heavy, annoying and probably require a backpack.
  3. You can get a Kindle book anywhere, anytime. If you have an internet connection you can get one. If you want a paperback, you have to go to a bookstore and purchase one or order one online and wait for it to arrive. Kindle makes it super easy to have a book you desire to read.
  4. You can read your Kindle even if it is dark. It produces light, so you can see it at any time. With paperbacks, you have to get a reading light or keep your bedroom light on.
  5. Kindle saves a ton of paper. Though we like the aroma paperbacks produce, they are not really eco-friendly. Therefore, Kindles are better for the environment.
  6. Right from childhood, it’s a well-known habit that someone lends you a book and you tend to forget or it gets lost. Kindle overcomes this issue as all the books we need are inside the compact device.
  7. If you like any good quotes in a book on the Kindle, you can highlight them and email them in PDF format.

Where Paperback wins the race

  1. Not all books are available on Kindle. If your favorite book is not on Kindle, you obviously have to read a paperback version.
  2. If your Kindle runs out of battery, you can’t read if your charger is not available. A charger is just another thing you have to remember on your trips so you can still access your Kindle at any time. With paperbacks, you don’t need a charger or a battery.
  3. The most significant weakness Kindle’s have is that you may not concentrate for long. Since they run on internet connection, it is hard to resist surfing the web when given the opportunity. Therefore, defeating the purpose of reading.
  4. Older people who are used to reading regular books may not feel theteacher-reading-students-80295317-small real-feel of reading books when they use a Kindle. Once you do something a certain way for so long, it’s hard to change. As they say, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” They also may not be well versed with technical advancements, which could make reading on a Kindle just too complicated.
  5. Books carefully kept can be read even after a century, which is a luxury any Kindle could never give its reader.

Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s all based on what you feel is right for you and your personal style of reading.