Qualities of a great leader

There is a brainy quote  by Ken Blanchard “The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority”

Leadership is a skill that we will not gain by attending a class or reading a book but something which we learn from inspiration and from our own experiences.

Having worked in for many fortune 500 companies, I like to share some of my experiences I would like to share about the qualities that are quintessential to be a great leader.

Impartial: Be equally approachable to all team members and never show favoritism and partiality to any team members. It cost my job as my team leader showed favoritism to one of my coworkers irrespective of my better professional experience.

Vision: A leader should have a clear vision andvision should communicate properly to achieve it. He/ she should have a realistic picture of where the team and the organization are headed to. Also, make sure all the members of the team are aware of the vision. 

inspirationalInspirational: It is not possible that all the team members are highly skilled and experienced. So as a team leader it is his responsibility to provide all the team members with sufficient knowledge and understanding. If possible take the extra load of the team members on to his/ her shoulders and make sure the required goal is met. Being myself a team leader for some projects, as some of my team members are not equally experienced, I took the burden on my own shoulders and made sure the goal is achieved.

Integrity: Integrity is one of the core qualities of a leader. A leaderintegrity should be firm on his incorruptible behavior and never break the trust of the people embodied upon him. There can be some qualities a leader can lack but integrity shouldn’t be one of them. If you are with integrity, you can not only rise not only in professional life but also with personal life too.

Resolve conflicts: Working in a team of large numbers can be expected to have some conflicts. Instead of the team members resolve the conflicts by themselves it is best to communicate it to the leader so that he/ she can communicate with the right members to conclude the issues.

Stay humble: Be humble and never act like you are a leader who is above all and behave yourself as part of the team. Never show your ego as it hampers the growth of the team in terms of achievements of the goal. When you achieve something don’t take the entire credit on you but show it as a collective effort and when you get the blame, take it on yourself but not point on other members. Strong leadership is leading from the bottom. 

neverquitNever Quit: Great leaders do not give up. There might be many obstacles while working in a professional environment. They should welcome it and try to get over it that stands on their way. They put extra effort to overcome and do the necessary work. 




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