Ways to calm down angry children

There is a wise old saying from Eleanor Roosevelt “Anger is one letter short of danger”

Handling emotions may be a great deal for any child who has a hard time dealing with anger. So as parents, we should find ways to help them calm down in any situation. Here are some ways.

Listen to your child: Listening to your child will be first and foremostfamily-1784371_960_720 opportunity to see what the child is going through and what he or she is really angry about. Talk to them by looking directly into their eyes. By them speaking about it, they get the frustration out of their heart. This will help ease out their anger.

Give some space: It is sometimes better to give some space to a child when they are angry. Any child does not want to be isolated from the family but giving some space can be a good thing.

Don’t tell children to calm down: It is also very important to be sympathetic to your child and validate their anger and emotions. It is very important to support their emotions and understand them. Don’t tell your children to calm down as they may not have that emotional regulation as adults do. Also, make sure you remain calm. If your children’s feelings are to be valued, don’t ignore their concerns.

Don’t tell children it’s all their fault: Telling them this, will alienate your children from you. Instead, parents should practice empathy and do some parenting.

Teach to meditate: One of the most effective ways to calm your kid is to ask them to make a stop and take a  deep breath.

Instruct to Count numbers: Parents can instruct children to count numbers slowly. This is one of the best relaxation techniques.

angryparentskidDon’t shift into I-told-you-so mode: Parents shouldn’t kick children into I-told-you-so mode instead, take it as a learning opportunity while trying to be patient. Don’t make it a big deal. Let them achieve the emotional regulations like calming, understanding, soothing state so that you can have a conversation with them.

Take a Hug: Take them for a hug and slowly ask them what are they angry about. Hugging is one of the best methods to relax the children.

Provide Outlets: Provide them access to outlets such as punching bags, pillows, squeezing blankets etc.